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Get An Expert To Manage Your Tax Compliance Throughout The Year

Individual Taxation & Compliance

We aim to make tax compliance hassle-free for individuals. Our tax compliance and advisory methodology ensures accurate and up to date management of Individual taxes. Whether you are an NRI, a U.S citizen, or a resident going abroad, we offer the expertise to deal with complexities related to taxes, accounting and financial planning. Our services are tailored in such a way that it gets transforms based on the user requirements. 

We offer India Tax Filing service through our “Expert Assisted ITR Filing” and “SELF-FILING” channel.

Expert Assisted Income Tax Return Filing Services:

Our team of tax advisors are specialised in individual taxes, and ensure that clients are provided quality services with end-to-end support throughout the financial year.

Our client for India taxes ranges from a Salaried Individual to a Business Income individual/corporate, we have the expertise in handling ITR1, ITR2, ITR3, ITR4, ITR5, ITR6

KEY Features of our Expert Assisted ITR filing Service:

REGISTER – UPLOAD – SUBMIT to get a Tax Advisor

A dedicated tax advisor is assigned to manage the Tax Compliance

Tax Advisor provide his expertise to ensure a user gets maximum refund and minimize the Tax Liability if any

Year round support and assistance by a Tax Advisor

Assistance in Claiming Refund, E-Verification

Call, Email & Chat facility to connect with the Advisor


For those who want to prepare their tax returns themselves, an option for FREE SELF FILING service is provided by Taxblock on its portal. Our Self-Filing application too has many compelling features including auto-populating details of the uploaded Form 16 & 26AS.

Features of SELF FILING:

India Tax Filing for NRIs & EXPATS

We have a dedicated team which understands the peculiar complexities and the needs of the NRI clients and help them in optimising their overall tax outgo by utilising the benefits under the DTAA and local tax laws.

Tax planning:

Never fall into a delusion that tax planning is only for HNIs or a business person. It helps every individual by minimising the effect of taxes on their income. Our competent tax planning helps you to save more and invest more to enjoy your dreamed financial future. 

Support Services:

Partnership Firm Tax

Partnership firms in India can be divided into two types specifically, registered partnership or unregistered partnership. registered organization firms are those having registered certifications under the Registrar of Firms. Any remaining organizations that don’t have a registration certificate would be named an unregistered association firm.

Annual Compliances for Private Limited Company

The term consistency depicts the capacity to comply with orders, set of rules, or demands. A private limited company organization that has been incorporated in India should guarantee the compliances concerning the Companies Act, 2013 are enough met. The Companies Act, 2013 controls the appointment, qualification, remuneration, and retirement of the Company’s directors other aspects such as conducting board meetings and shareholder meetings.

LLP Annual Filing

LLPs in India should document their Annual Return within 60 days from the end of the close of the financial year and Statement of Account and Solvency within 30 days from the end of a half year of the close of the monetary year. Unlike Companies, LLPs obligatorily need to keep up their monetary year, from April first to March 31st. In this way, LLP’s yearly return is expected on May 30th and the Statement of Account and Solvency is expected on October 30th of each monetary year.

Foreign Subsidiary Company Compliance

Unfamiliar auxiliary organizations are obligatorily needed to keep up consistency according to Income Tax Act, Companies Act,  transfer pricing guidelines, and FEMA rules. Subsequently, keeping compliance for a foreign subsidiary company would incorporate a recording of ITR with the Income Tax Department, yearly get back with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and different filings with specialists like Reserve Bank of India or Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Things are coming under the Income-tax return

Followings are the Heads of Income under Income Tax Act 1961

We are assisting the business companies in complying as per the industrial laws and Indian laws & act comes under on environment, trade license, signage license, panchayat NOCs, FSSAI compliance, Legal meteorology certifications, & many more industrial licenses, etc.
Get proper guidance by us industrial mandatory licenses services for business start-up and other business startups requirements from authorities at Panchayat, Municipal, Corporation, State and National level. We have the expertise & helping all business persons to choose the best licenses for their business need. Get proper guidance throughout the industrial license consultancy team to avoid heavy penalties & follow it become legally for your new business in India. We cover more than 75 various business licenses covering different industrial legislations & acts.